Picture of Dr. Gustavo Chavarria M.D.


Based upon your medical questionnaire, we will give you a price quote and additional information about the procedures in which you are interested.  We will also include the number of days needed for post-op recovery before returning home.  Please give us basic information regarding your medical history, and please indicate the procedures you wish.  We will promptly reply with prices and more information.

In order to accurately quote a price, photos of the areas to be enhanced may be necessary.  We respect your privacy so we will ask for them only if necessary.  You may, of course, send photos to us at any time.

Upon receiving this Medical Questionnaire, our doctors will review everything and an estimate will be sent through our patient coordinator.  You may rely on this estimate as being accurate and firm.  Later adjustments to the quote can always be made between you and the doctors during your pre-op examination.

Pre-op consultations are generally the same day of your arrival, if arriving early enough in the day.  Otherwise, you can relax for the evening at the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn and see us the next day. Pre-op consultations are normally in the late afternoon.  Your surgery will usually be performed the next day.

Medical check-ups prior to surgery can be done here at our hospital, or at home.  We have complete facilities to do all required medical tests quickly and at a nominal cost following you pre-op consultation.